Overture App

Overture is an app for listen and learn about classical music I imagined for Designflows 2019, a mobile UI Design Contest held by Bending Spoons.
Partecipants had two days to design the icon and 3 screens of the app (Discovery and Learn section, Paywall).


I have won nothing. I also participated in the 2020 edition. I didn’t win anything either.


UI UX design
App design

Into Discovery section I imagined a new way to explore Classical music universe, funny and playful: moving your smartphone in exploration mode, it is possible to discover the connections between the authors and listen to the most famous compositions.
Standard mode offers, in addition to the most famous pieces, custom playlist, podcast and articles.

In Learn section users can deepen their knowledge about Classical music through small quiz and challenges, podcasts and courses.

The Paywall screen. If you are what you listen to, it’s worth doing your best.